Thursday, 13 September 2018 15:50

The Now-What? Parents’ Guide to Autism

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Parents with a kid on the spectrum all say they remember the day their child got an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis vividly. The news sparks an array of mixed emotions—and then the urgent desire to spring into action. The one thing experts agree on is that early intervention is key to helping a child with autism reach their full potential.

To mark World Autism Day 2018, Today’s Parent is proud to be launching the first ebook in a series of guides for Canadian parents whose kids have special needs: The Now-What? Parents’ Guide to Autism. It’s available for download now on Kobo, Kindle and iBooks.

This incredible resource will help parents create a solid treatment plan and get all the best supports they need for their child from diagnosis right through to adulthood. Covering everything from family and school life to self-care and financial planning, this comprehensive, warm and accessible manual provides clear advice, both from experts and ASD families in the trenches.

It’s written by Joel Yanofsky, the bestselling author of Bad Animals: A Father’s Accidental Education in Autism and father of a teenager on the spectrum. Here he shares why he wanted to help other autism parents on their journey.