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Jacob's Ladder

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Our protagonist here is Jacob, an anglophone Montrealer immersed in a complicated loneliness of the soul. He is surrounded by empty friendships, unrequited passions, undue antagonisms, and even a fatal attraction. There is deft observation and much emotion. This may all sound excessively cluttered, but Yanofsky's prose is capable of handling the action.







What Others Are Saying

I quite like Jacob’s Ladder. It’s smart and extremely observant. It throbs with the excessive and obsessive qualities of its journal-entry design. This book wants to add to the sum of what’s important and make known about life what isn’t known yet. And in many, many ways it does so.

- Richard Ford, Pulitzer Prize-winning, author of Independence Day

This wonderful novel introduces a new fictional landscape: suburban, Anglophone Montreal. Life for its denizens is just a little different – distinct, one might say – and Jacob Glassman, witness and participant, is one of the most appealing characters I’ve met in years.

- Sheila Fischman

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