Monday, 08 May 2017 18:21

Homo Erectus: And Other Popular Tales of True Romance

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Why is it that only women are writing about love and sex in the nineties? What women really want to know is what men are thinking. Well, it's time for a male perspective on the subject, and Joel Yanofsky is the man for the job.


Yanofsky says, "When I was approached about writing a book about sex from a guy's point of view, I began to laugh. I don't mean giggle or chuckle either. I mean laugh uncontrollably, hysterically. Which is one of the reasons for writing this book: to figure out what the joke is and, better yet, who it is on. Women are more confusing than ever, not always a bad thing. So is knowing what it means to be a man, not always a bad thing either. I still don't know what it is I find so amusing. Except I'm still laughing. I can't promise answers, but I do have a few theories."

You'll be laughing too as you follow Yanofsky through the minefields of dating, mating, and breaking up in the nineties.


What Others Are Saying

Joel Yanofsky is a funny guy…. Homo Erectus is a humorous, poignant, honest look at what it’s like to be an end-of-the millennium kind of guy, stuck in the transition from cave man to New Man. If Yanofsky is right, the battle of sexes is over. We lose. This book will make men feel that someone understands them. It will also make women glad that they are not men.

- Josh Freed