The Now-What? Parents’ Guide to Autism

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Parents with a kid on the spectrum all say they remember the day their child got an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis vividly. The news sparks an array of mixed emotions—and then the urgent desire to spring into action. The one thing experts agree on is that early intervention is key to helping a child with autism reach their full potential.

Bad Animals: A Father’s Accidental Education in Autism

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Winner of QWF Mavis Gallant Prize for Non-fiction

Joel Yanofsky tried for years to start this memoir. "It's not just going to be about autism," he told his wife, Cynthia. "It's going to be about parenthood and marriage, about hope and despair, and storytelling, too."

"Marriage?" Cynthia said. "What about marriage?"

To Make a Difference: A Prescription for a Good Life

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What goes into making a life successful and what does success mean? If you think about a life as a chemical equation, then the elements are obvious: family, work, purpose. The key is discovering how to get the balance just right. In To Make a Difference, Montreal entrepreneur and philanthropist Morris Goodman shares his personal and professional prescription for success and enduring happiness.

Mordecai & Me: An Appreciation of a Kind

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Mordecai & Me: An Appreciation of a Kind is the story of one writer's obsession with another. In this "really unauthorized biography," Joel Yanofsky, a veteran Montreal book reviewer, literary journalist and novelist, tracks the elusive legend of Mordecai Richler in the year following his death. This insightful and quirky quest leads Yanofsky to consult-though pester may be more like it-a rabbi, a shrink and a dream analyst.

Jacob's Ladder

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Our protagonist here is Jacob, an anglophone Montrealer immersed in a complicated loneliness of the soul. He is surrounded by empty friendships, unrequited passions, undue antagonisms, and even a fatal attraction. There is deft observation and much emotion. This may all sound excessively cluttered, but Yanofsky's prose is capable of handling the action.

Homo Erectus: And Other Popular Tales of True Romance

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Why is it that only women are writing about love and sex in the nineties? What women really want to know is what men are thinking. Well, it's time for a male perspective on the subject, and Joel Yanofsky is the man for the job.